Handball was first introduced to Singapore in the 1980s, however, the sport was not well recognised and popular hence it died down. Until 2008 when Singapore started preparing for the Youth Olympic Games, handball reappeared in the sports scene and has since continuously gained popularity till today. 

Handball Federation of Singapore is established in 2008 and Youth Olympic Handball Team was initiated to take part in the YOG 2010 held in Singapore. Our YOG preparation started in 2009 through many panels of selection from our Coaching Committee.

With the success of our YOG Handball Squad, we had organized our first Under 19 Interschool Competition (Singapore Youth handball League) to allow our youth players to get more exposure to groom them as better individuals and a whole.

In 2010, the YOG Handball Squad fought hard and emerged 5th Handball Game. During the midst of the YOG, the Organizing Committee had held their first Interschool Games (B & C Division) and Handball Sunig (University Games). Placing in the Youth Olympic

In 2011, Under 19 Men Team was formed after promising results from our YOG Squad. Our B Division Champion School Team was sent to Sweden for their Invitational Training Camp.

Our U19 Men Team participated in IHF 2012 in Malaysia. Our Organizing Committee continues to organize more competition every year and started NTU Opens this year with more than 8 Men Team and 6 Women Team joining each year.

Early 2013, the first-ever NUS invitational was held. Players from different tertiary institutes (Polytechnics, ITEs, Universities) took part and compete. Also, Handball was introduced in MOE Physical Education Curriculum which allowed more students to get exposed to handball. In September 2013, the National Men Development Team was established. The trail to recruit players into the National Men Development Team was held and players from various institutes were selected where they then underwent training, preparing them for representing Singapore in different international games. As 2013 was coming to an end, the first-ever Singapore Handball Overseas Team (SHOT) competition was held where teams from different countries like Malaysia and Indonesia took part to compete with players from our own National Men Development Team.

Within the first half of 2014, the National Men Development Team went to Japan (March) and Taiwan (June) for training camps. A week after the training camp in Taiwan, they participated in 台灣大學國際手球邀請賽 where they got the chance to play against University teams from across Asia. In August, the team went to Taiwan again and took part in台中手球媽祖杯 where they played against the Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau teams. Also in June, the trails for the Under19 Women Team was held and players were selected to undergo training to represent Singapore in international handball games like IHF.