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Committee Members


Hong Zhen You


Handball is a sport that has captivated my soul with its unique combination of gameplay with a fusion of many other team sports. The fighting spirit will not rest until the final whistle. Just like the love for this sport, like a flame that never dies.

Kristian Thorbjornsen Weng Keong

Vice President

Through a collective effort, I hope that we can elevate the sport of Handball, both through mass participation and having a robust athlete developmental pathway for our players.


Adrian Low

Vice President (High Performance)

Dream of the impossible by doing the possible.

Tommy Toh Wei Xiong

Vice President (Coaching, Development and Outreach)

Hope to bound the different communities together and increase the handball community growth.

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Daryl Ng

Honorary Secretary

2021 has been a year where everything is moving back to normal. I hope the subsequent year, HFS will be back to it's prime pre-covid year. As part of HFS, I hope we will be able to host more activities for the community so as to fill up the void for the previous years. To everyone who love the sport so dearly, let us persevere through this time till it will be seven a side once again.

Arul Mogan

Honorary Treasurer

With good financials, we can support our sporting scene and athlete better.

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Jason Lee Kee Siong

Marketing Executive

It is great wonder how a sticky little ball can bring people together on a rollercoaster ride of emotions such as the triumph of victory, despair of defeat and all the little experiences of camaraderie, motivation, pain (physical, mental and emotional) and satisfaction. I hope through HFS, we are able to bring more people onto this amusement park ride known as Handball.

Ervin Sethi

Athlete Development

Having a support plan design to empower each of our talented athlete.

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Jack Ko

Head Coach

Height and size is a gift from the Gods, only through training will give you the strength to achieve greatness.

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