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Date: 23 August 2023

We appreciate the contributions made towards improving the local handball scene and those 
who had taken the time to attend the Focused Group Discussion (FGD) on 31 July 2023. Taking 
the discussion points into consideration, the Federation will be embarking on implementing 
some of the discussion points.

- An online bulletin board with an archive will be implemented on the HFS website by Q4, 
2023, to ensure better communication and easy retrieval of announcements. 
- The annual competition schedule, including tentative competitions, will also be posted on 
the HFS website to enable clubs' planning by Q4, 2023. 
- A Referee Committee will be established by Q4, 2023, to address referee development 
and education. 

We strongly encourage anyone interested in contributing to developing the local handball scene 
to contact us. Attached is the mind-map of the discussion points for the recent FGD

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