Tertiary Invitational Championship 2019


Date: 16th Feb 2019 to 6th April 2019

Time: 0800 to 2200

Venue: Hougang Sports Hall 

Registration Fee: $450

Deadline for Registration: 27th January 2019 2359 hrs



*Do note that the usage of Resin(Glue) will not be allowed throughout the tournament. HFS is pushing for more indoor court usage in Singapore, we hope for your kind understanding that we are facing a shortage of court usage in Singapore as the courts' management committee does not want us to stain and dirty the courts with resin. Therefore, we are hoping that without the use of resin, we can get more courts and playing zone in Singapore.  

Meanwhile, the players can use finger-tapes in replacement of resin.*


If your school require any additional assistance, kindly email exec@hfs.org.sg.

Thank you!

IVP 2019

Rules and Regulation