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by HFS

Recognize and accept the Anti-Doping Singapore (ADS) as the National Anti-Doping Organization designated by the Singapore Government as having the responsibility for all doping matters relating to sport in Singapore.

Handball at School

by IHF

Volume 1: Teacher Guidelines

Regulations on Protective Equipment & Accessories

by IHF

IHF Rules of the Game

Indoor Handball

by IHF

IHF Rules of the Game
July 2016

Beach Handball

by IHF

IHF Rules of the Game
March 2002

Guidelines & Interpretations

by IHF

IHF Rules of the Game
July 2019

Safe Sports Policy & Guideline

by Safe Sport Commission Singapore

The Handball Federation Singapore (HFS) is committed to promoting safe and responsible sports practices in Singapore. As an organization, we firmly believe in creating a safe and positive environment for all athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers.

Safe Sport Policy

Safe Sport Programme Handbook 1.0.1

Response & Resolution Process

Unified Code

User Guides for Safe Sport Modules

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