Court Handball

Handball is a team sport which consists 6 outfielders and 1 goakeeper. A standard match last for 2 halves of 30 mins, and the team with more goal wins.

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The games is played on a 40m by 20m court, with 6 field players  and 1 goalkeeper on each side. The objective is to score as many goals into a 3m by 2m goalpost in 2 halves of 30min each. The ball is light enough and usually handled with only one hand, making it easy to pass or dribble. New players who are used to the game of basketball will find it easy to get used to the concept of attacking the defensive space outside the goalkeeping area. Shooting at the goal in handball is a very intuitive skill, and anyone who have experience in ball throwing will enjoy the opportunity to shoot and score a goal.


Many schools, both at the primary and secondary level, are now teaching handball as a sport in their physical education curriculum, helping to propagate the sport to players at an early age. The number of teams participating in the Annual National Schools Handball Championship increases every year, proof that schools see value in having students pursue the sport as a Co-Curricular Activity. These players can look forward to continue playing handball at many tertiary institutions too, with most of them having already formed a representative handball club.
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