Handball Game 2018

collaboration with Glyph

Sunday Handball activity was not only a game of handball but also a learning journey.

With the belief that values are best learnt through experiences and should not be confined within the textbook,

Handball Federation Singapore with the assistance of NUS Handball, collaborates with Glyph to give Glyph members a chance to learn, progress and challenge themselves in this physical activity.

Handball is a good fit program as a game of handball teaches players the importance of teamwork and coordination while developing players' motor skills as well. Through handball, players also gain social interaction with other children and our players get to share their talent stories to inspire Glyph members and even bring them through mentor-ship sessions.

With that, we would like to give a big shout out to NUS Handball for their strong hospitality and patience to help promote handball to more people in Singapore! 

Also, do check up below or our facebook page for more pictures taken during the program!