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Years Involved: 2015

Description: SEAHAF 2015 is held at Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam in September. We have selected the best female and male players to participate in this prestigious competition.

SEAHAF 2015 interview by VoxSports

NTU Taiwan

Years Involved: 2014

Description: Our Men Team and Nanyang Technology University (NTU) visited Taiwan in June 20144 for a joint training camp. The training camp is followed by TaiDa Handball League 臺大手球聯盟 organised by National Taiwan University. They manage to secure the 3rd runner-up position.

Youth Camp Sarawak

Years Involved: 2015

Description: Sarawak Open Handball Tournament is organised by the Malaysia Handball Federation. It is held at Kuching, Malaysia from 16 to 19 March 2015. We are honoured to be able to grace this event together with other Malaysian clubs and tertiary schools.

Sarawak Open (Men's Team) 2015

Youth Comp @ Hong Kong

Years Involved: 2015

Description: Our women's team defeated Macau's U18 team and Egypt with a score of 18-2 and 27-4 respectively. They tied with Hong Kong 10-10 in the gold medal match, who eventually took home the title by virtue of a superior point differential. Our men's team tied with Hong Kong in the bronze medal match where a penalty shootout was called to determine the winner. Singapore eventually claimed the runners-up position for the women's category and a top 4 finish for the men's category. Congratulations to both teams!

SG Women's Team 1st/2nd Finals: SG vs HK

SG Men's Team 3rd/4th Finals: SG vs HK part 1

SG Men's Team 3rd/4th Finals: SG vs HK part 2

Sweden Partille Cup 

Years Involved: 2015

Description: Partille Cup is the largest international handball event organized with the European Handball Federation, the International Handball Federation and Olympic Committee. It is held annually at Gothenburg, Sweden with more than 400,000 participants across the world. Our ladies took part in the 46th Partille Cup from 25 June to 4 July 2015. This video summarized their entire Partille Cup experience from the day they landed at Gothenburg. Congrats to the girls for achieving 1st Runner-Up in girls 21 groups 1.

Partille Cup in Sweden 2015

IHF Challenge

Years Involved: 2014,2016

Description: The U18 Men and Women's Handball Team competed in the IHF Challenge Trophy 2016 this March held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Both the U18 girls and guys team completed in the IHF Challenge Trophy 2016 held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Despite their efforts, both teams only secured the 3rd runner-up position.