National Handball League 2018

Registration for NHL 2018 is now open, and the format for this year competition will be based on the number of participating teams. Below are few information regarding the tournament.

1.         Based on the teams that joined last year, all women teams were placed in a single group while the men teams were                        separated into 3 groups; Division I , Division II and Division III. This year, the number of Divisions for the Men and Women              category will be based on the number of participating teams.

2.        Based on last year’s standing (Figure 1), as of now, depending on the number of participating teams, there will be a few v               confirmed shuttled between certain teams.

i. Team Owls will be promoted to Division 1.

ii. Raijin will be promoted to Division 2.

iii. Ravens will be demoted to Division 2.

iv. NP will be demoted to Division 3.

v.Other teams will tentatively remain in their current Division if there are no change in number of participating teams

vi.New men teams that are interested to join in this year NHL will be placed in the lowest division.


3.       For the Male Category: The top 1 or 2 teams from each division will be promoted to a higher division while the last 1 or 2               teams from each division will be relegated to a lower division for NHL 2019. (Number of teams promoted/relegated are                subjected to the number of participating teams in NHL 2019).


4.       NHL 2018 will be held across the entire month of August, September, October and the first weeks of November for a total             of period of 3 months. All matches will be played on weekends (Saturdays and a few Sundays), so all handballers please                 mark these dates down to ensure you don’t miss any matches! The exact dates will be conveyed to your all team                             managers once they are out, so continue to watch this space.


5.       The playing ground will mainly be at Hougang Sports Hall with the addition of two days of extra playing ground at Our                     Tampines Hub.


6.        Similar to previous years, NYHL 2018 Champions for the Men and Women category are granted wildcard entries                               to NHL 2018 this year. 


7.       Registration fees required per team are as follows:

  •    HFS Members (Ordinary ): S$500 + $25 per game (Registered with 2 endorsed referees)  or S$900 + $25 per game (Registered with no endorsed referees).

  •    HFS Members (Associate): S$550 + $25 per game (Registered with 2 endorsed referees) or S$950 + $25 per game (Registered with no endorsed referees).

         Endorsed referees have to be verified by the referee committee to ensure the endorsement period is for April 2018 –                     March 2019.


 8.        Technical briefing will be at Hougang Sports Hall on 21st July 2018 (Saturday), timing to be confirmed. Registration                          fees MUST be submitted by 13th July 2018. Failure in doing so will result in the inability to participate in the competition

            (*this rule does not apply to teams representing school as the schools will require e-invoicing to be done with a 30 days                  payment terms. Nonetheless when schools fail to fulfill this criterion, HFS reserve the rights to stop the participation of                  the school team even if it is during the midst of the competition.) All participating teams are to be represented by                            a maximum of two representatives at the meeting. Teams that do not attend the technical briefing will have no say in the              game schedule and jersey arrangement.


9.        Teams will be required to submit the Provisional registration form [AnnexA] along with  the Provisional Photo Album                      [Annex A1&A2]  to the official HFS email ( by 13th July 2018 (Friday), 2359hrs.

           The Definitive registration form [Annex B] along with the Definitive Photo Album [Annex B1&B2] will be required to be                 submitted before the 1st week of the competition, 3rd August 2018 (Friday) to allow teams to have more time to confirm               their list. If the Definitive registration form isn’t submitted by then, HFS will use the information from the Provisional                       registration form. 

          There will be a penalty of S$50 imposed to any amendments after the submission date of the definitive registration form.


10.      Please pay attention to the Uniforms for the competition. The application of the updated rules of all players’ shorts must               be of the same colour. The players’ numbers must be printed on the shorts, it must be identical to that on the shirt.


11.     Players are not allowed to use Resin/Glue throughout the tournament due to the Sports Halls’ regulations, to refrain from            further staining of the court and to ensure cleanliness in the Sports Halls.


12.     There will be a Players’ area being mark out, at which during the playoff, non-players and unregistered personnel will not               be allow to enter the area.

13.     This year we allow teams to register and field up to 20 players, instead of the previous; teams can register 20 players and              field only 16 for each game. 


14.     Also starting from next year's NHL, any players who wear inner-wear will have to have their inner-wear top and bottom to            be the same as their jersey color. 

           i.e, if your team jersey colour is white top with black bottom, the inner-wear has to be a white top innerwear and a black               tights to match the jersey.


          (Do take note of these minor changes, and i look forward to your team's participation in the tournament.)



Please refer to below Rules and Regulation for more information on the tournament. 

Thank you.

Documents for NHL 2018

Rules and Regulation 2018

Annex A;

Provisional Registration Form

Annex A1&A2;

Provisional Photo Album

Annex C;

Indemnity Form 2018

Annex B;

Definitive Registration Form

Annex B1&B2;

Provisional Photo Album