Most successful logos depend on the simplicity and the instant identification they reveal. The purpose of introducing a logo to HFS is to create a stimulating visual image of how a handball player looks during a game. The logo symbolises the sustained commitment of HFS in fulfilling its objectives, mission and vision. 

Meaning and significance of the proposed symbol

The main body of HFS logo is a handball player holding a ball in the midst of taking a shot. It was designed as such because we want to be constantly on the move to achieve our vision of being a premier handball federation in Singapore. Just like taking a shot during game, our federation wants to score points for Handball by working towards the development of the game in the local arena. The sketches on the player signify the swiftness and flexibility of the movements during a game. It depicts the federation promptness and readiness to work with stakeholders in the itinerary of promoting Handball. 


While the artistic design accentuates the principal motion of the game on one level, it also emphasizes the pursuit of values on another plane. The latter is represented by the intellectually-designed shape of the body - the letter H. While looking at the focal point of the development of a player, the federation takes an insight view of inculcating sports ethnics to all handball players.  


The arrangement of the logo and the two different fonts represent the two standpoints of the Federation. While the word Handball and the striking logo aim to present a notable image across geographical boundaries; they will always be seen nested on its homeland – Singapore. The success of the federation lies in the firm foundation evolves from the voluntary support garner in their homeland. 

Significance of the colours used in the proposed symbol

Black was chosen for two reasons. Firstly, black depicts the unswerving attitude towards our cause of developing this sport. Secondly, black is a cool and typical colour to entice youngsters. A vibrant and stimulant red was chosen as it correlates with the vibrancy of the sport and is an intense colour. The federation hopes to attract attention and rouse people’s interest to play this sport. In addition, the choice of using the national colour personalises the logo to the country and promotes a sense of loyalty and pride.