National Handball League(NHL) 2016 is back! As promised, NHL 2016 will be ever more exciting and competitive than before.


Registration for NHL 2016 is now open! Interested teams please download the registration form and indemnity form above and email it to Registration will strictly be cut on 15 June 2016, 2359hrs any late submissions will not be entertained. 


Below is the competition format this year:


1. All female teams will be placed in a single group as of NHL 2015, while the male teams will be separated into 2 groups; Division I and Division II. Division I will consist of the top 6 teams from NHL 2015 Div I and Team Nyon and Willows which were promoted to Div 1, 8 teams in total; while the rest of the teams will be placed in Division II, including new teams which did not join us for NHL 2015. However, if the response for NHL 2016 is too overwhelming, the number of teams in DIvision I might increase to balance the number of games played per team. 


2. The competition format for both the male and female categories will be round robin, with 1 round of round robin to be played per group. The overall placings will be finalised after all matches are played. Hence being said, overall placings is based entirely on the results from all matches, no finals will be held, except for Men Division I. Top 4 teams from Men Division I will qualify for the Final 4 placing matches after 1 round of round robin. 


3. For the Male Category: The top 2 teams from Division II will be promoted to Division I for NHL 2017, while the last 2 teams from Division I will be relegated to Division II for NHL 2017.


4. NHL 2016 will be held across the entire month of July, September and October for a total of period of 3 months. There will be no games in August due to the ongoing Singapore National Games 2016. All matches will be played on weekends(Saturdays and Sundays), so all handballers please mark these dates down to ensure you dont miss any matches! The exact dates will be conveyed to your all team managers once they are out, so continue to watch this space.


5. NYHL 2016 Champions SIMRA(Male) and SP(Female) are granted wildcard entries to NHL 2016 this year.SIMRA(Male) will be placed in Division II in the male category while SP(Female) will continue to compete in the female group. Once again, congratulations to both SIMRA and SP for emerging champions in the recently concluded NYHL 2016!


6. The rule of of 2 endorsed referees per team still applies this year.


Attached are the registration form for NHL 2016, and also the indemnity form which is to be filled up by every participant. Registration fee is SGD$500 per team.


However, if teams are unable to register 2 endorsed referees for your team, your team is still allowed to participate in NHL 2016, but registration fee will be raised to SGD$900 per team.


If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at, or 90185974 (Mr. Wilson Koh, Hon Treasurer of HFS)

Women's Fixtures:
Men's Fixtures: