Referee Course 2018

27th - 29th July 2018

Before the start of Credence NHL 2018, HFS wishes to conduct 1 last referee course for a chance to welcome more members from the handball fraternity.


The course promises to educate, train and cultivate competent referees to assist in the further growth and development of the handball scene in Singapore.  


Details are as follows:

Date: 27th to 29th  July 2018


- 27th: 1pm to 9pm

- 28th: 1pm to 9pm

- 29th: 9pm to 1pm


Location: Hougang sports hall meeting room

Attire: comfortable sporting attire w/ running shoes

Deadline for registration will be 16th July 2018, 2359hrs.



In order to help promote the growth of the referee scene, HFS has provided 2 alternatives for the fee payment:


1)    $250 upfront, no contractual obligation, no tenure of service

2)   $50 post-subsidise fee, followed by contractual bond to HFS for 24months, failure to complete the course/tenure would result in additional $200 course fee


Understand that this is a chance for potential referees to make it into the referee community as well as make a vital contribution to the handball society in Singapore!


Interested applicant, please provides us with all this information:


1. Name

2. DOB

3. Phone No.

4. Email

5. School/ Club

6. T-shirt Size


Hope to see you at the course!