Singapore Handball Day 2018

This year's addition of Singapore Handball Day 2018 was carried out over 3 weekends due to the high number of participating teams. Teams undergo games after games over the past 3 weekends, and we can see how every players pushed themselves over their limit! We are grateful for the ever supportive handballers in Singapore for making this year SHD another great success!

The competition in the Men's grouping was so intense with 2 powerhouse teams; R.Athlon and A-Team, fighting to be at the top of the table. Both teams were tied with the same group points and eventually, R.Athlon emerged as victor through a mere goal difference!

The competition in the Women's grouping was also intense with four powerful teams fighting to bag home the title. Eventually, ROC bagged home the title with an undefeated records throughout the competition.

A round applause to all teams for pulling through the three days long event, and congratulations to the top 3 teams of both category!

Men's Category:

1st : R.Athlon

2nd : A-Team

3rd : SIMRA

Women's Category:

1st : ROC

2nd: Blaze

3rd: Stunners

Men's Champion: R.Athlon

Women's Champion: ROC