The Game

Handball is a dynamic, popular and exciting olympic sport that requires athleticism, strength and stamina, fitness & teamwork. It is one of the fastest and most popular indoor sports in the world.


It was also one of the many official sports that was competed in the recent Singapore Youth Olympic Games in 2010.


With the many variations for the younger generation to the silver generation, Handball is definitely a ball sport for all ages!


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The Technicalities

Handball is a simple game but some of the technicalities are hard to understand. Handball Federation Singapore offers courses for individuals interested in teaching or refereeing the game, both at a school and national level.


For those interested in coaching, click here to find out more about the NCAP course by IHF expert Mr Klaus Feldmann


For those interested in refereeing, click here to find out more about the NTO and NTO refresher course.